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About Cate

Cate is an award-winning illustrator from Sydney.

She works predominantly in children's publishing and connected industries - particularly art in healthcare for children and young people. When she isn't in her studio Cate will most likely be swimming, or working as a printmaking technician at UNSW. She has years of experience of teaching all ages to be creative and produce art, and loves to visit schools to inspire kids to be artists. Cate moved to Sydney from Edinburgh where she studied Printmaking BA and Illustration MDes, but it was just a bit too cold to stay there forever. Having finally defrosted, Cate loves learning about Australian animals and plants by illustrating them, and has now moved on to illustrating Sydney Harbour and children starting school... More to come.



Cate has illustrated around 30 books to date, with five picture books being published in 2023. Current publishers include Affirm Press, Scholastic and Walker Australia.

By the Billabong was Cate's first Australian book, published after moving to Sydney in 2015.

This is an image from the sequel, Babies at the Billabong (Affirm Press)

Not Books

Cate also produces illustrations for industries that are connected somehow, but not always, to children and young people.

She has been commissioned to illustrate for art in healthcare, literacy and advertising, and is always happy to work in new areas.

This image was commissioned by Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation to brighten up a ward wall. Created with artwork by patients and the hospital community.

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