Cate James Illustration


My latest book has just been published by Affirm Press in Melbourne! It was written by Maura Finn, and is about a walk by the billabong. It features a lot of animals and trees and nature. I did hours of research for this book as I am not a native Australian, and wanted to get the natural parts just right. 

I have been asked to produce a lot of large scale work for walls and fences in the past year. 

All of the artwork has been produced in workshops  with kids in hospitals and preschools- most of which I led - and put together in my studio.

This is one of my favourite things to work on, and it's always lovely to see them appear in their final destinations. 

This one is on a wall in Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick.

I have very sad stories to tell about my family and its battles with Alzheimer's Disease. My Grandad and my Mum both died of the horrible disease and I want to hopefully help people to understand what's happening to their loved ones by making a book for children, or for anyone who reads it. More soon...